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Scrip Fundraising 

What is it? 

With the help of over 750 brands, it turns your everyday shopping into earnings for your school. That means you can raise money without having to spend time selling products, asking for donations, or planning events. By paying for your purchases with gift cards, also known as scrip, BSR will be earning money on your purchases of groceries, gas, dining out, home improvement projects, clothing, travel, and more.

You will not be spending any extra money, only what you normally would budget for, because the retailers send a percentage rebate directly to our school for every scrip card purchased (normally between 2% and 16%). It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it fits perfectly into everyone’s busy lifestyle.

How do you purchase Scrip gift cards?

Unlike most fundraisers, this will be ongoing throughout the entire school year. There are three different ways you can pay and receive your scrip cards. 


  • The first is by using the paper list and sending in cash or check. This is the method everyone is familiar with and what we have always done in the past. *Easiest method*


  • The second way is by going online purchasing your scrip cards, and receiving them in your clear envelope. 


  • The third way is by ordering scrip eCards online/mobile app and having them sent to you electronically. 


Online ordering may be a great way to get friends and family to order also. You will not have to worry about meeting up each week. If you are interested in placing online orders, you can use your ShopWithScrip account ( on your desktop. Scrip is using a new app this year. Look for the RaiseRight app on your mobile device. A presto pay account will need to be set up for online orders. Presto pay securely links your bank account to your ShopWithScrip account. There is a small $0.15  convenience fee, per order when using this service. This would save you from sending checks or cash each week. Keep in mind orders will have to be placed by Friday morning at 9:00am in order for you to receive your cards the following Wednesday. Our enrollment code for signing up is FFA7LA34495L.

Scrip envelopes should be turned in every Friday with your cash/check and list of cards you will be purchasing. The envelopes need to be returned each week even if you place your orders online, that way we can keep track of those students who should earn a dress down pass.  Scrip gift cards will be sent home with students in their clear envelopes on the following Wednesday. 


Any student rewards for ordering scrip?

    Students can earn a dress down day each month. All you need to do is order one card every week in that month and each of your students will receive a pass. The students love when they are able to wear comfy clothes to school.



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