Volunteers = Service Hours

Bishop Schad is manning the Dunk Tank at 'Food Trucks on The Ave' on August 25. We are honored to be a part of our extended AVE family's event as we are lined up to keep 100% of the donations made. Yay!!

In order to pull this off we are going to need your assistance as volunteers to either collect money, manage the line, or get DUNKED. The festival is from 11 am to 7 pm so we will need as many volunteers as we can get. Also, please don't assume someone else will volunteer. We all can manage an hour to help our school raise money.

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER? Parents, students, teachers, cousins...make it a family thing. Any 8th grader needing service hours can get them on this day.

SIGN UP on our PARENTS (PTA) page: www.bsrschool.us/parents