IOWA Assessment Exam

Bishop Schad Students will be given the Iowa Assessment Exam from March 2nd - 5th. Students grade 3-7 will be allowed to wear their gym uniforms, except for Friday.

The Iowa Assessments exam is a group-administered aptitude test.

To determine your child's aptitude, the Iowa Assessments exam assesses how your child does on things that are new to them. Therefore, the exam has many types of questions that your child would not have seen before. If your child understands the short set of directions that the administrator reads to your child prior to each section, they will probably do OK on the exam, but if they misunderstand the brief description, they can miss entire sections on the exam - due to a misunderstanding, not their intellect.

If my child doesn’t know the answer should they guess?

The official guideline from the publisher is that students should not guess if they do not know the answer – that random guessing compromises the validity of the scores. However, the Iowa Assessments score is calculated based on the number of right answers and the student is not penalized for incorrect answers. As a parent looking for a high score, it is better for your child to answer all questions than leave an answer blank.

How is the Iowa Assessment test scored?

Scores on the Iowa Assessment can be compared with scores earned by a nationally representative sample of students who took the test (the norm group). The Iowa Assessment score that reflects this comparison is called a national percentile rank (NPR). If a student’s national percentile rank in Reading is 62, then the student scored as well as or higher on this subtest than 62% of his/her same-grade peers in the national norm group. The percentile ranks range from 1 to 99. The national average in all subtests is 50%.

Other scores received from the Iowa Assessment may include:

  • Scale scores (total score received for the subtest)

  • Raw scores (number of questions the student answered correctly)

  • Grade equivalent scores (number that describes the student’s location on an achievement continuum of grades and months, at which the typical student receives the scale score)

  • Number attempted (the number of items the student answered)

Score reports generally contain a narrative that helps with understanding and/or interpreting the score results.

Los estudiantes de Bishop Schad recibirán el examen de evaluación de Iowa del 2 al 5 de marzo. Los estudiantes de grados 3-7 podrán usar sus uniformes de gimnasia, excepto el viernes.

El examen de evaluaciones de Iowa es una prueba de aptitud administrada en grupo.

Para determinar la aptitud de su hijo, el examen de Evaluaciones de Iowa evalúa cómo le va a su hijo en las cosas que son nuevas para él. Por lo tanto, el examen tiene muchos tipos de preguntas que su hijo no habría visto antes. Si su hijo comprende el breve conjunto de instrucciones que el administrador le lee a su hijo antes de cada sección, probablemente lo harán bien en el examen, pero si no comprenden la breve descripción, pueden perder secciones enteras en el examen, debido a un malentendido, no su intelecto.